Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hot glue = no more pockets for children in my house!

So, last night as I was moving the 100th load of laundry out of the dryer (well it felt like the 100th but was probably more like the 15th...) there was a sock that did not come tumbling out when I pulled everything else out and it was stuck.  For about 2 seconds I was puzzled over what would make a sock stick in the dryer, until I noticed the bubble gum wrapper sticking up out of the lint filter. Upon further investigation discovered the melted gum in the back of the dryer.  The brand new dryer.
I find stuff allllllll the time in the washer and dryer from the boys.  Legos, rocks, more rocks, more Legos, crayons. It makes me crazy and I constantly request they do not use their pockets and that they empty them prior to taking off their pants and putting them into the dirty laundry.  Still  I do check their pockets but apparently not thoroughly enough.
 So I have decided that little boys pants should not have pockets at all in them.  I will be hot gluing my kids shut today... yes hot glue because they have a lot of pants and i don't have time or ambition to sew all those.
Seriously why should they have pockets?  They do not have wallets to carry... they don't put toys in their pockets they either carry them, throw them in a backpack or most commonly trick their mothers into schlepping them around.  Boys are gross and pick up gross things... I say down with pockets until they are doing their own laundry.

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  1. I'm so glad you're back! When I saw you in my Blogger feed I started smiling! Sorry about the gum... but you do have a brilliant question. For that matter, grown men (at least the one in my house) doesn't deserve pockets, either. He's got some SUPER clean coins, pens, etc...


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