Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Finally back at Hodge Podge

I am so happy to be back to posting and happy to be participating in Hodge Podge again!  Thank you Joyce for easing me back into blogging again with great questions :)  Check her out over at:

1. The Wednesday Hodgepodge this week falls on John Chapman's birth date.  He's more famously known as Johnny Appleseed...what's your favorite variety of apple? 

I really like Grapples. (Apples that taste slightly like grapes)  You can check it out more here

2.   When did you last say 'ick'? 

Yesterday when I cleaned my kids bathroom - no dry heaving this time though so I was happy about that.

3.   Do you think there's a generation gap?  Explain. 

This question requires too much thought right now :)  I didn't use to think there was but as I get older and see teenagers I think there must be.

4.  What's on your computer screen saver?  Do you leave it alone or change it often? 

A family picture and I like to change it periodically.  I am to lazy and busy to do it often but I like change.

5.  If you had the attention of the entire world for two minutes, what would you say? 

I would say stop, be grateful and be kind.

6.  Four fashion trends to try this fall are-brocade/jacquard (fancy printed fabrics), peplum, lace, and printed pants...which of these four would you be most likely to wear? 

Well I did purchase a peplum dress which I really like & I think out of the others I would most go for lace.  I just don't know if I can pull of the printed pants.

7.  What can make your bad day better?

A hug from my kids and chocolate.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

Well, it has been ages since I posted on my blog, let alone to the Hodge Podge.  August was an insanity filled month and September has been a little nuts also.  I really am hoping that life has slowed down and that we are finally getting back into routine around these parts and yay for finally having internet so I can rejoin you!!!


  1. I completely forgot about Grapples!!! Yum!
    I'm trying to get back into the "blog swing" myself.

  2. I have to ask - what are 'grapples'?

  3. Welcome back to the HP! What are grapples?

    1. An apple that tastes a little like grapes. Here is a link:

  4. I have just recently joined hodgepodge and I love everyone's answers. The questions are great however the answers are better.

  5. I have never tried grapples. I will add them to the list.

  6. Grapples...I will have to try those.

    I have recently joined this meme and I love it. I enjoy answering the questions, many of them really get the gears turning, and then reading how others answer them too.

    I wore printed pants in my youth and could easily pull them off. Now, there is a whole lot more of me and I wouldn't wear them. I tend to wear dark solid color pants with a print or patterned top.

    Hope to see you again!

  7. I see we agree on CHOCOLATE!! Hmmm, and no, I've never seen/heard of a grapple... I like both fruits so a combo sounds great! :)


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