Tuesday, December 9, 2014

And Down the Rabbit Hole We Went

Alright .... I don't intentionally go months and months without posting .... I have all kinds of plans each day and life tends to show me that it has other plans for me.  But here I am carving out a few minutes to update the blog and hoping that I can string together some coherent sentences since it has been so long since I wrote.

So last time I wrote we were living here: 
(How incredible is it that I lived in a place that a giant crown in the middle of town... it seems so appropriate as I am sure I am long lost royalty ... anyway)

Sadly we had to leave there unexpectedly.

One of the boys got really sick while we were across the pond and we spent over a year trying to find the answer all the while we were watching him deteriorate day by day.  It was extremely difficult... we looked at many options and in the end we decided it was best that we left there as a family rather than split up for a large amount of time.  We applied for a transfer and once we were notified that it was approved and where we were going we were gone in less than 30 days. Sometime called a turn and burn.  It was insanity to leave that quick.

While Yorkshire will always have a giant chunk of our hearts this helped:

We went from cold rainy, dreary weather to HOT.  One of our first stops was Old Navy to essentially buy new wardrobes for everyone because long sleeves and wellies were not going to cut it.  Thank goodness for the pool at the apartment or else we might not have survived June and July.

We searched and searched for a house.  Searched some more and were just about at our wits end and we stumbled into a great home and a great neighborhood.  Pictures to come later on that.  Still painting and hanging pictures and sadly unpacking a few remaining boxes.

After debating home schooling versus enrolling we decided to enroll the boys at a fantastic school.  I was incredibly nervous but all three boys have amazing teachers & they have settled in nicely.... although the older two are NOT fans of the uniform.  In fact one day the boys were able to catch a ride in this at school.   Not too shabby huh?

My time has been primarily spent at the hospital or clinic.   We were blessed to find a local pediatric GI specialist who quickly gave us a diagnosis and started a treatment plan.  Unfortunately after being basically untreated (despite our best efforts) for some time, D's illness had progressed to the point where the typical beginning meds were not going to cut it and we had to jump to the much more aggressive ones.  The catch being that there is a possible side effect of getting cancer.... so left untreated he would die, and treated there is a chance we opened the door to cancer.   
 After the first infusion there was almost a night and day difference.... come what may this is the best course of action for him now and it is making a big difference so we will continue on this path for the time being.

So long story short it has been a crazy 7 1/2 months.  As much chaos and heart ache we have endured we also have had so much laughter and joy in visiting family and friends.  We are settling into life here & it is a good place for us.  I was NOT happy about our destination but life is what you make it & I think we are making the best of it and it is pretty good :)  
More to come later y'all.

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