Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's Okay Tuesday

It's Okay that it is raining.... again....

It's Okay that I don't have enough hangers to hang my kids clothes so I am going to buy more, rather than do the work of cleaning out their closets.

It's Okay that my new iPhone does not seem to have coverage at the house we are soon moving to.

It's Okay that I had to say for the 100th time, "do not hit your brother in the nuts with a light saber"

It's Okay that my children thought it was opposite day and disregarded most of my instructions this afternoon.  And by most I mean all.

It's Okay that we are so unaccustomed to sun here that on Sunday when it was a mere 60 something I was actually hot at one point.

It's Okay that after like an hour of actual light on my face it was slightly sunburned & it looks like I  have the complexion of a vampire.

It's Okay that when I watch Downton Abbey I just want to grab Edith & Mary's heads and crack them together and yell "grow up both of you".

It's Okay that even with all the "venting" I do I realize that my life is pretty sweet.  I have an amazing husband, fabulous friends & family, gorgeous kids who love me even if they act like howler monkeys.

It's Okay that you are now leaving my blog because my rant is over :)  Hop on over to 
Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Dirty Sock at a Time and visit the funny blog that started this & if you have a need to rant join in.


  1. Light saber in the nuts: ha, ha! I remember those days! :)
    Don't you just LOVE Downton Abbey???

  2. So you found a house? Yay? The lightsaber comment: priceless! I was hot Sunday, too. but it was a GLORIOUS hot.

  3. I usually also just buy new hangers ;)


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