Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So it begins ...

So I wanted to start a new blog for several reasons:

1) for some reason my other blog is messed up & when you post no matter how you set the text it does it own thing sometimes and it really really drives me crazy

2) I wanted to keep some of our family things separate from the other fun things I participate in like Hodge Podge or It's Okay Tuesday or just my rants.... I want my other blog to be for my kids to look back on and see their story...not mine.  Plus some family reads that & I imagine they are primarily interested in what we are up to travel wise and our children.   Not me and my crazy :)

3) I get bored & so I thought why not start a whole other one.  The two I don't blog on now are just not enough.  (Read that last line with a heavy dose of sarcasm in your voice)

4) I probably have more reasons but it is currently not raining so I want to hurry and post this post and one other and then we are running outside before the rain starts again.  Which it will.

Thanks for coming by & I hope that you will become a regular visitor.

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