Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lego Creator you are on my list

So I have a list and you do not want to make "the list".  It is not a good thing.  Previously on my list was the creator of bunk beds.  Yes bunk beds are great if you don't have a lot of space but changing the sheets of the top bunk is not easy or fun & it makes me mutter swear words in Serbian which means I am really really frustrated.

Now added to the list, the person who invented Legos.  I have a love/loathe relationship with Legos as I am sure most mothers do.  We are happy that our kids love to play with them and the creativity they foster as they dream up countless ways to build and rebuild with them.  Then there are the times that you get to clean them all up because they "forgot" or when you step on one that was missed in the middle of the night, or when you are carrying a huge laundry basket, etc.  Not fun.  Those things are annoying for sure but what brought about my loathing you ask?

See this empty bucket?  It normally contains hundreds of Legos.  The tiny ones.

Legos such as these:

Well one day while  my son got sick..... in the Lego bucket.  Imagine my joy that he got so worked up throwing a tantrum that he yakked into the Lego bucket & now I get to clean it.
So sadly I have experience in cleaning Legos but that is a whole other story.  (Previously also they were the huge Duplo blocks which are MUCH easier to clean) so I knew what steps to take.

1) Fill tub up part way with water and soap.
2) Dump Legos In and swish around.
3) Wipe out bucket and let dry.
4) Swish Legos around again, try not puke yourself as chunks float by.
5) Lay out towels in master bedroom floor.
6) Get colander and bowl.
7) Load colander with Legos, rinse off under faucet, drain and carry colander in bowl to towels and dump Legos on towels.
8) Repeat a thousand times.
9) When all Legos have finally been removed from tub, drain and clean.
10) Place fan to blow on Legos to speed drying time.
11) Re-arrange Legos periodically to ensure complete drying.
12) When finally dry 24hrs or so later... pick all Legos back up and replace bucket.
13) While you are doing things take many calming breaths so you can still with your still upset child & other two kids who all of a sudden are quite needy and insane dog who all of a sudden is VERY interested in the bathtub.
14) Try not to curse your husband who is away on business.
15) Apply several coats of lotion to now destroyed raisin hands.

Repeat process one week later when there is another freak Lego incident.  I don't want to talk about that one at all other than to say it BEST not happen again.

*If you have to clean the big Legos it is easier because you dump them into the tub with soap and water, pull the drain after they soak for a bit and then rinse them off with the shower nozzle, them transfer them to a towel, much faster and easier than the colander method needed for tiny Legos.


  1. I would've been tempted to throw them away and buy more!

  2. I'm sorry this happened, but it might be the funniest tutorial EVER posted on a blog!
    Hang in there?!?!

  3. I agree with Mary... Or I would have decided to teach the boys the cleaning method on the second accident... I hated lego when the girls were small... They loved them but never seemed to quite get them ALL back in the bin. It seemed like the only way to find a stay lego is to walk around barefoot at night! Oh the pain!


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