Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Outside every time

So I have not been posting because I have not been inside so much as outside at places like this:
{picture not the greatest but I snapped it really quick on my phone the other night}

Because the weather is beautiful right now
 It is warm, it is sunny, it is not raining & so we have to be outside every second that we can because in a blink it will be gone.  My house was even hot the other night. Hot!   I could not believe it was so hot we all had a hard time going to sleep.  Opening the windows, turning on the fans early in the evening to cool the house down is a new concept around here & I am loving every second of it.  
So, until the weather turns I again I will be an infrequent visitor because as a wise woman I know said something like, "I will pick  real life and being outside every time".  
That is not an exact quote from Natalie because I could not find the post where she said that but I remember the gist of it being burned into my brain when I read it.  Because she was so right and I had not been doing that.  I had not been seizing those moments with my kids like I should have... but I am now.  

*If I find the post I will link it here.  You shoudl go check out her blog though because she is an amazing photographer and incredible person.  I keep trying to lure her here to England but so far no such luck :)  Natalie if you read this you need to come !!!!!!

    • TODAY
    • HIGH67°
    • LOW56°
    • CLOUDY
    • HIGH73°
    • LOW57°
    • FRIDAY
    • HIGH68°
    • LOW50°

See that!  Amazing :)  And no 67 & 68 is not hot in most places but here it is :)  And it has been over 70 a few days.

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  1. I would LOVE to have those temps here! I would also love to have the windows open at night; lately our lows have been around 70.


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