Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Olympic Hodge Podge

1. The Summer Olympics begin next week and London is playing host. If you had the chance to go in person which (non-Olympic) London site would you most like to visit?

Well we have been to London but I would like to go back and walk around more and see many things.  I would really like to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace & I would like to check out the museums.

2. What is something in your life right now that feels like an Olympic event?

Getting all three of my kids & myself ready quickly and then out the door to be on time to anything.  Or I could really say getting them to do anything lately.  Getting them to pick up without whining, getting them to play nicely together, I think I would also add taking care of our dog.

3. What's your favorite supper to prepare and serve when it's too hot to cook?

Cereal?  Okay if you want me to actually put some effort into it I would probably make for the grownups chef salad and for the kids I would grill hot dogs, have a veggie tray & some fruit.

4. July 18th is National Get Out of the Doghouse Day...when was the last time you were 'in the doghouse'?

I am sure I have never been in the doghouse :)  And if I had ever been there I would plead the 5th.

5. What television advertisement do you find particularly irritating or inappropriate? You may not answer with 'all of them'. I know some of you were thinking about it.

I find the game Doggy Doo game disgusting and I despise when the commercial comes on because my kids crack up & want to get it.  It will never happen.  I told them if they want to pick up dog poop we have a backyard full of it go for it.  Here is a link if you are not sure what I am talking about and curious.

6. Share one piece of interesting news from the year you were born.

Apple Computers was formed that year.

7. What's the best part of your average day?

Bedtime.  No in all seriousness I love after breakfast, when I get to sit and cuddle up with my boys and read.  Everyone is happy in the morning generally.  4pm until dinner hour is probably my least favorite part because everyone is hungry, whiny, cranky and tired - myself included.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I have been watching Downton Abbey and I find myself wanting to scream at the tv... just marry Mathew for heavens sake!  And I really want to take Mary & Edith and knock their heads together and yell, "grow up already!"  Love the show.  Anyone else watching it?

Now hop on over to Joyce's fab blog From This Side of the Pond to play along and/or to read other people's fun answers.


  1. That Doggy Doo "toy" is the worst thing I've ever seen. Seriously.
    Did you ever see the SNL commercial for "Litter Critters"? Far funnier... because it was FAKE!

  2. Okay...so, if you're in England, y'all must already have the new season of Downton Abbey on. We don't get to see it until winter. I absolutely LOVE that show!
    Doggie Doo: that's pretty disgusting! Have you ever seen the game "What's in Ned's Head"? Almost as bad.

  3. I appreciate your answer to #2. When our children were young, I felt like all I ever said was "hurry, hurry, hurry."
    I almost said cereal for #3 also. Makes a fine meal in my opinion. :)
    I have heard so many good things about Downton Abbey, that I really must try to watch it.
    Have a great day!

  4. I absolutely LOVE Downton Abbey! Have you gone all the way through Season 2? I'm so annoyed because Season 3 will premiere in the UK - understandable, of course - but won't be shown here in the states until 2013! Sigh...

  5. I bought my mom Downton Abbey-Seasons 1 and 2 for her birthday. It's a great show!

  6. Never heard of Doggie Doo, and don't think I want to. But would love to see some Downton Abbey; have only seen the first episode.

  7. I need to rent Downton Abbey season....I've heard such good things! i would live on cereal if it was allowed or acceptable meal..okay Lucky Charms is my favorite...probably not a proper cereal! Doggie Doo never heard of it before! Yikes!

  8. oh, so much I must agree with you with!!! :) Going back to London, yes, please!!
    Getting kids out the door - HELP!!!! Me too.
    And watching Downtown Abbey ... Delicious - and frustrating! LOL

    PS Hadn't seen the doggy doo commercial. Lovely. Not. :-/

  9. Downton Abbey is such a good show. I can't wait for it to come back.

  10. I was going to put bedtime, but because I love reading to the kids and snuggling them in :)

  11. Thank you for sharing! One of the things I absolutely crave and actually have withdrawal symptoms for is snuggling with my grand-babies. I still have a couple that still like to snuggle and there are still a couple of babies I just feel like I could never put down, but I didn't put that on my average day answer because it's not an average day when they come over!!! It's a snuggle, play, Veggie-Tales kinda day!

  12. Last summer was my first time ever going to Europe. I had never dreamed of going yet all I do now is dream of going back! After breakfast sounds like a lovely time. Thank you for stopping over.
    (you are a no-reply so I couldn't email you back on your comment)


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